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Andersen in Nigeria Market Insights (2)

New reliefs to support innovation, production and investments – the bill at the stage of pre-consultations
On 15 June 2021, the Ministry of Finance published a broadly-discussed bill of tax incentives to support innovation, production and investments. At the moment, the bill is in the process of preliminary consultations and taxpayers may comment on the proposed solutions. The new regulations are planned to take effect in 2022. The following areas are t...
TP deadlines likely to be extended by 3 months
Deadlines for compliance with the transfer pricing obligations are likely to be extended again.On 25 February 2021, the Transfer Pricing and Valuation Department informed that the Public Finance Commission of the Sejm adopted an adjustment to the bill of amendment of the excise duty act and some other acts (form 860). The deadlines for submission o...