How to Get More B2B Reviews

Customer reviews are truly beneficial for businesses and can provide a business with a massive boost. Nine out of ten customers read reviews before engaging with a business. During the pandemic, 31% of people started reading more reviews.

Reviews increase the credibility of a business. It also increases social proof and allows prospective customers to do their due research before buying a company’s product or service. B2B business reviews also help businesses generate more leads, leading to increased lead flow.

This guide will offer tips that can help you get more B2B ratings and reviews.

Reach Out First

For local or small businesses, this is a great practice. Large-scale businesses might not feel like this is a practical approach. Nevertheless, small businesses can start by reaching out to a B2B business and building relationships with them through a call, message, tweet, or email.

This way, they’ll receive great feedback and reviews and have tangible conversions. If the business they reach out to doesn’t give a B2B business review option, they might give customer feedback. It will help the business improve, and it’s only the first step in getting reviews in the future.

Whichever way they decide to reach out, B2B customers can easily find the B2B business through a business card or phone number. It’s important to have a strong online presence and link the business’s website on all social media platforms.

Send Invoice with Reviews

B2B businesses usually send invoices when they close any deal with their B2B customer. When you send invoices after a customer purchases your product or service, you can also ask for a review by adding something like, “If you liked dealing with us, we’d love to hear your review! Leave a review on Google+.”


You can simply remarket your business on your online payment page on your website. When customers are purchasing online, they will end up on that confirmation page. You can add a simple text or image saying, “Loved your experience with us? You can leave a review for everyone to read!”. You can give them options like Google+, Facebook, or Yelp.

Find Review Sites

You can check out review sites that help businesses get more reviews by reaching out to the customers. Most online review sites have an outreach program, and you can look for a credible online review site.

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