Xpeer, the Platform that Digitalizes “Word of Mouth”

Baar, Switzerland - March 14, 2022

Xpeer is an AI-powered B2B marketplace for high-value services based in Switzerland. It is the first and only platform that measures and scores companies based on crowd intelligence. Scientific crowd evaluation gives decision markers unbiased, reliable information to help them find business partners who are fit to become integral parts of their success vision.

Xpeer aims to become the go-to platform that leverages crowd intelligence to digitalize the concept of “word of mouth.” The platform currently allows company decision-makers to find vetted experts in fields such as Web & Mobile Development, Marketing & Advertising, Tax, and Legal, and the list is continually expanding.

The reviews feature offers scientific-rooted methods to gather unbiased feedback from stakeholders and clients, providing an opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a company or a service provider instead of relying on bare pitches.

Business decisions based on crowd-ranking

One component of Xpeer works as a search engine and allows professionals to find leading business based on crowd ranking. Xpeer uses collective wisdom and decision-making in conjunction with advanced algorithms to create matches between alternatives. Users are enabled to browse companies in the field that interests them or experts, depending on their specific needs. The platform collects both external and internal reviews to give multiple perspectives to enable wise decision-making. Each service provider’s popularity is measured via crowd rank.

Sergey Bezborodov, Xpeer co-founder, said: “Xpeer comes as a response to the high competitivity in the main industries we target. It’s becoming more and more challenging to find real experts able to provide excellent customer service and professionalism to complete the skillset. We believe that word-of-mouth marketing is still the most reliable form of marketing and, through Xpeer, we are bringing it into the digital space.”

“When you’re looking for potential business partners and collaborators, the first instinct is to turn to the word of mouth and recommendations, from online platforms to opinions from your peers. It’s to be expected, as finding high-value services involves equally high risks. We created Xpeer to solve this issue and help decision-makers, entrepreneurs and managers cut through the noise and get reliable, unbiased feedback through crowd knowledge. We use scientific methods to measure and score companies to ensure every user finds the perfect match. At the same time, service providers who list their offerings on our website increase their visibility and chances to grow their businesses. It’s like getting recommendations from a friend. Just with Xpeer, you’re getting it from hundreds of different people in various industries,” Moritz Maier, Xpeer’s CTO, said.

Xpeer breaks down the boundaries between companies, experts, and service providers by transforming the concept of “word of mouth” into an entirely digital experience. Xpeer is working to revolutionize the way how companies find and interact with key contractors.

With a platform that offers your company a chance to get expert insight, it has never been easier to find viable partners within your industry. By utilizing AI-driven, scientific crowd evaluation processes and reviews from trusted stakeholders, Xpeer is set to disrupt and improve B2B marketplaces.

Contact Info:

Name: Moritz Maier

Email: [email protected]

Organization: Xpeer GmbH

Website: https://xpeer.com/