Xpeer at London Tech Week: Pioneering the Future of Technology

In an exciting week full of innovation, creativity, and technological prowess, Xpeer, the «Glassdoor» für B2B, made a presence at the London Tech Week, held from June 12 to June 16, 2023.

London Tech Week annually gathers tech enthusiasts, startups, and industry giants under one umbrella, fostering dialogue about the future of technology. It is a place where networks are built, innovative ideas are exchanged, and trends predicted. This year was no different, and Xpeer's participation was noteworthy for the connections established and the valuable insider stories garnered.

The participation significantly aligns with the vision of disrupting the conventional business services sector, akin to a "Glassdoor for Business," creating an innovative platform that provides transparent and insightful data about businesses around the globe.

Xpeer aims to illuminate the often opaque world of business services. By creating a platform where businesses can be looked up, compare project prices, and read insights from clients and insiders, Xpeer intends to transform the sector currently dominated by word-of-mouth referrals and ambiguous pricing structures.

At London Tech Week, Xpeer's representatives connected with industry leaders, tech firms, and budding startups, creating a fertile environment for potential collaborations. They also delved into various panel discussions and keynotes, gathering valuable insider stories and capturing the pulse of the tech industry.

The knowledge and insights gained will play a crucial role in shaping Xpeer's future strategies and solutions, further strengthening their unique business model.

The model involves a review platform for buyer communities, where insider reviews and pricing data are collected from employees and ex-employees.

To promote active participation and ensure a continuous flow of fresh, valuable data, Xpeer implements a give-and-take system, where users contribute their own experiences and data to access those shared by others. Meanwhile, suppliers can claim their profiles and access premium features through annual subscriptions.

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, Xpeer's London Tech Week participation is more than just networking and gathering industry knowledge. It represents the company's unwavering commitment to disrupting the business services sector by democratizing access to reliable, unbiased insights on suppliers and standardizing project prices.

Through the active involvement in such global tech events, Xpeer continues to position itself as a pioneer, redefining the way businesses navigate and operate within the B2B market.

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