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eKikus.com Linkedin y Web para Vender, Emprender o Buscar Empleo.Visibilidad Online para Tus Objetivos Profesionales.Mentoring GRATIS. Formación y Proyecto

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►We capture Your Customers on Linkedin in a Systematic, Scalable, Constant, Profitable Outsourcing and with the Profile of your staff

"The Prospects We Do Not Do Today Will Affect Us Economically in the Next 90 Days"

➔Ekikus: +10 years and +300 organizations in Europe, North America and Latin America in multiple sectors, sizes, languages and needs

5 Challenges to Capture Leads with Linkedin, Solved by Ekikus

►How to get Linkedin Prospects Systematically and continuously for you or your sales team?

► How to get It in a scalable way (large volume) to very precise Segments according to Zone, Size, Sector and Position?

► How to test a new Offer or Market Hypothesis efficiently and quickly?

► Capture Without depending on the "art", skill or time dedication of the sales rep. and in a homogeneous way in the hole company?

► How to Track Contacts that showed interest and we lost sight of the Inbox Linkedin?


  1. Tested +300 Projects: Own Methodology of Lead Capture with Linkedin

➔3S Methodology (Scalable Social Selling)

  1. "Person to Person" Micromarketing: 1 to 1 but Scalable,: New "human" Relationships, no logos with Logos
  1. Progressive: we do not sell as we know someone. Multiple impacts and Follow up
  1. Convincents: We Design The Most Effective Claim According to your target (Pains / Benefits) and Your Offer
  1. Outsourcing and Integral Management of Multiple Profiles of the company in Linkedin
  1. Control: Daily Leads and Metrics Reports per person / teams
  1. NO RISKS, IT IS YOUR COMMERCIAL ASSET. +700 New Segmented Contacts in your profile, No Avatars

15 Benefits?

does not fit here 😞

If you have 15 min , schedule a call/skype and we will show you examples. Happy to listen to you and see how to help you

➔ schedule http://bit.ly/ReunionLinkedinSales

We dedicate only to this, Linkedin Lead Generation, exclusively. Our Focus facilitates the continuous improvement of EVERYTHING, either Strategy, Processes and Sales Psyc


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