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Every company’s experience score is influenced only by independent reviews from businesses they have worked with, and is ranked on the Experience Map for a specific Line of Business and a specific Service.

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Xpeer enables spotlights only for businesses who walk the talk, not those who talk the talk

Based On Actual Results

Businesses are positioned on the Experience Map based on their performance and experience
– real results not bold claims or vague promises.

Performance reflects the Xpeer Score from all collected reviews and indicates the ability to deliver a specific service to client’s satisfaction.

Experience reflects overall popularity a business or service and takes into account the number of reviews, frequency, timing and overall presence on the Xpeer marketplace.

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What is the xpeer Experience Map and how does it work?

The Experience Map is a visual aid, helping you evaluate service provides based on their past performance. Every review given on xpeer is influencing the company’s xpeer score and placement on the Experience Map.

Service providers who are open to public reviews, show transparency, care about their clients' feedback, and strive to improve their services and value proposition will benefit from better placement on the Experience Map as they get directly into the spotlight of prospective clients.

What’s are the main benefits of the Experience Map?

While evaluating a service provider you can use the experience map to immediately identify leading businesses or find niche players based on their past perfomrance. With a few clicks you can get into contact with them and send them a request for proposal. Service Providers will be happy to get on touch with you and send their fee quotes as soon as possible. Our approach enables you to get into contact with multiple suppliers much faster without having to identify them manually and chase each one individually for an offer.

How are Xpeer Reviews collected?

Xpeer Reviews are collected by scientific means and include questions on various service dimensions combining qualitative and quantitative data. Xpeer users can give a review either by an online form, by video or by a personal phone interview which is recorded, transcribed and published online.

What’s the impact of an anonymous review?

We understand that there are situations, which prevent the reviewee from discolsing his/her identitiy. Therefore, we make it possible to give a review in an anonymised way or with partly undisclosed personal details. However, anonymous reviews will have a lower impact on the Xpeer Score of a company as our algorithms will attribute to them a somewhat reduced weight.

Why are Xpeer Reviews unbiased?

Sometimes companies collect feedbacks from their clients using inhouse tools and personnel, to use them for testimonials and internal quality control. We noticed that clients often do not feel comfortable to share their true thoughts and feelings directly with the company. There might also be instances when companies cherry-pick clients and set aside potentially negative opinions.

Xpeer acts as an unbiased intermediary in the review process, to help clients comfortably share their true opinions. We listen to the voice of the customers and present them "as is", whether review is positive or negative. Through personalised review collection processes, we ensure that every review is of highest quality and reflecting a real opinion of a real buyer.

Xpeer validates every review, as we require reviewers to verify their email and/or mobile number. Contacts shared by companies are also verified using public sources.

Some clients may be incentivesed to give a review by vouchers, however such vouchers are issued only for the fact of giving a review irrespective of whether a review results in a positive or negative feedback. Such incentivized reviews are also marked to be distinguished from organically collected reviews.

Can companies pay to get a better result?

No. Companies listed among the top companies for every Service and Line of Business earn their spot on the Experience Map only by systematically collecting reviews from all or most of their clients on a continuous basis.

Is every company listed on the Experience Map an xpeer member?

No. Basically any company can be reviewed, regardless if they are already listed on Xpeer or not. To review a company that has no profile on Xpeer, you can simply indicate it's internet domain or specify exact legal name of the business entity. When first reviews are published on unlisted companies, we will typically contact such companies asking them to complete their corporate profile.

How does the Verification Process look like?

Companies having the "Verified by Xpeer" Tag have passed through a KYC (Know-Your Client) process with us. Verified companies provided documentation about their businesses and authorized team members. Xpeer verification is aimed at giving you more comfort when dealing on Xpeer platform by ensuring that listed comanies are indeed the ones who they claim to be. This check adds more security for your decision-making when identifying and purchasing services on Xpeer.

Information we verify for identification and quality assessment include Business entity name, Status (active / inactive), Jurisdiction of establishment, Company ID, registration documents, VAT documents, Date of business formation, Credit and legal filings, Authorized Directors and Management.

Use our verification information to supplement your research and to see if a business listed on Xpeer is registered, active, and trustworthy.

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