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Xpeer AI is for decision-makers and service providers alike, allowing you to expand your network among businesses who already solved similar challenges. Xpeer AI is aggregating and analyzing multiple data points, the main source being success stories and experiences, shared by your peers.

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Xpeer gives you access to top performing companies and a competitive leverage for your next project

Utilize Crowd Intelligence

Discover industry trends and insights based on empirical data from companies around the globe

Leverage Experience Map

See how businesses compare in different markets and industries based on their client experiences


Engaging a leading service provider is challenging for 3 reasons

Service providers position themself as credible and competent experts - avoid trial and error
Screening and requesting information and fee quotes is time-consuming
Large budgets are at risk and mistakes are costly

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Xpeer Simplifies the Hunt for Outsourced Software Development with Its List of Top Custom Software Development Companies Worldwide
Xpeer allows businesses to match with premium custom software development companies to minimize the risk of failure. Software development is an integral part of operating businesses. It’s one factor that plays a key role in distinguishing businesses from competitors and introducing new and innovative products to the consumer market. However, the ri...
8 Lead Generation Marketing Trends to Use in 2022
B2B and B2C companies rely on lead generation. They need leads that are converted into sales through their sales funnel. However, there are various lead generation platforms, tools, and trends currently available on the market. Lead generation is ever-evolving and constantly changing. New tools are always available, and the trends are updating con...
Lead Generation
10 days ago
How to Get More B2B Reviews
Customer reviews are truly beneficial for businesses and can provide a business with a massive boost. Nine out of ten customers read reviews before engaging with a business. During the pandemic, 31% of people started reading more reviews. Reviews increase the credibility of a business. It also increases social proof and allows prospective customer...
Traditional Marketing Tactics That Still Work in the Digital Age
In today’s digital age, the internet has played a significant role in changing the way businesses market their products and services. It has become a battlefield for marketers, and with growing competition, it has become harder to find the right leads and rank higher on search engines. However, certain traditional marketing tacts are still faring w...
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