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Giving a review by phone is the simplest and fastest way of sharing your business experience. Choose your preferred date and time, and we will contact you to ask a few questions.

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How does it work?

An Xpeer Industry expert will contact you by phone and collect the review. The interview will be recorded, transcribed and attached to the profile of the reviewed company.

Once completed, we will send you a link to the online review. If you wish to amend it or give additional comments, just let us know.


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How long does it take to give a review by phone?

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to give a Review by phone. We recommend to reserve a maximum of half an hour in order to have sufficient time to express yourself and answer all questions without stress.

How does the Scheduling work?

You can choose any free timeslot which works best for you. The scheduling happens directly online and we send you a calendar invite with an automatic reminder 15 minutes before the Interview starts.

Why is an Industry Expert conducting the Review?

We want to make sure you provide your feedback to somebody who understands your business and business of the reviewed company. This is why we employ Industry Experts to conduct all interviews. The Industry Expert might not have a full understanding of all details involved in the project, nevertheless we believe it adds value and makes it easier for you to share more in-depth thoughts about your experience.

What happens after the review is given?

We may follow up with specific questions after the review in order to fill gaps. As soon as all details are clear we will transcribe the review and post it to the involved business profile.

Why are the interviews recorded?

The recording helps us transcribe the review and put it into writing. All recordings are handled confidentially and securely stored with access only by authorised xpeer employees for specific purposes.

Can I change my statements after the Review is published?

As soon as your Review is published, we will notify you by sending a link to the Review. If you think that something is not ok with the Review or you want to revise certain statements, you can use standard "Report" button next to your Review, indicate that you are the reviewer and provide your request for suggested change. This will initiate the revision process on our end and we will contact you for changes.

What's next?

Provide your open feedback to a service or business you were recently dealing with.
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