Navigate your Service Purchasing with Xpeer

Use xpeer purchasing guidelinies or get bespoke advice from Xpeer industry experts.

Purchasing Guidelines

Your decision to purchase a business service faces a number of practical challenges.For example:
  • Do you know exactly what you need?
  • Are you certain about all important parameters to define the scope of your request?
  • What information from your side is required for the supplier to prepare a clear proposal?
  • How to structure your Request for Proposal?
  • What factors are important in evaluating your candidate suppliers?
  • What should you expect as a deliverable on different project stages?
  • Do your time and budget estimates correlate with the market?

Make Decisions with Confidence

If it is your responsibility to evaluate and select suppliers, you are also taking significant business and career risks if you rely solely on the suppliers' one-sided inputs without external benchmarks. Decisions made with limited information often result in project failure or additional cost.

Our purchasing guidelines give you access to insights on the growing variety of business services. Our data is based on insights collected from Reviews by decision-makers like you. We also aggregate and compile data from a large number of service providers to give you a comprehensive and objective decision-making tools and know-how.

Business Benefits from Xpeer Purchase Guidelines

Cross-reference your buying decisions with market insights

Go into purchase negotiations with enriched knowledge

Get free access to extensive resources about services

Bespoke Advisory

Get advice from leading industry experts to identify and evaluate potential suppliers, obtain fee quotes and efficiently close negotiations for your next project.

Our bespoke services include:

  • Analyse project requirements with the help of business analysts
  • Design, communicate and analyse RFPs (Request for Proposal)
  • Identify and screen suppliers based on pre-defined requirements and the target market
  • Facilitate negotiations with suppliers
  • Select and engage suppliers

Increase the chances of project success

Save on procurement spend

Trust to procurement experts

What's next?

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