Why Xpeer Reviews?

Xpeer is built on the idea that when it comes to problem-solving, decision-making, innovating, and predicting, large groups are collectively smarter than a stand-alone individual. Xpeer Reviews reduce the risk in buying business services where large amounts are at stake.

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Xpeer allows you to review and get reviewed by your peers. Reviews are collected through scientific means, shared within our platform and accumulated into the Xpeer score.

Access verified crowd reviews and derive valuable insights from a diversity of unbiased opinions.
Each Review is a subjective opinion, but taken together Xpeer Reviews become a powerful source of objective knowledge.
Opinions shared on Xpeer are always transparent and verified, they can’t be bought or influenced.
Xpeer gives you an aggregated view on individual opinions and helps you make better informed business decisions.

Unbiased Success Stories

Buying business services comes with a lot of uncertainty. You rely on sales pitches, bold capability statements and brand names. Every service provider calls themselves the best. But there cannot be multiple "the best".

How do you tell them apart? How do you identify the best match for your project?

Success Stories shared on Xpeer represent the true performance and capabilities of a business, enabling you to compare businesses based on their client results rather than bold claims.

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