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Save time spent on the lookout and find the right provider faster and more accurately.

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Straightforward and transparent buying experience for predictable results

Defining services scope and negotiating fees can be frustrating and time-consuming. Still, it often remains unclear what result you can expect. Xpeer Service Offers remove complexity and uncertainty from your buying process.
Business services are often unique and tailored to client requirements, however many business services can be set to generic parameters that fit most client needs. If needed, they can be later fine-tuned and scaled to client’s specific needs.
Service Offers on Xpeer are standardized services with pre-defined scope, deliverables, timing, and fees. This structure allows you to access Service Offers as readily available products with predictable results.

Xpeer Services Marketplace is an online shop for business services:

  • Less headaches. Skip the negotiation process and purchase readily available services.
  • Less time & effort. Move from service definition to engagement quickly.
  • Move faster. Build a short-cut bridge from your business challenges to solutions.
  • Get to work right away. No more burdensome bargaining on terms and conditions.
  • Have a starting point. Pre-defined Service Offers can be easily re-defined into tailor-made solutions.
  • The whole world is yours. Benchmark and compare Service Offers on local and international scale.
  • Learn from your peer experiences. Predict your results and satisfaction by referencing to Xpeer Score.
  • No second guessing. Pricing and expected results are always clear and predictable.
  • No middlemen. Connect directly with the Service Offer team.

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