Top E-Commerce Web Development Companies South Africa

Top E-Commerce Web Development Companies South Africa

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E-Commerce Web Development Businesses (1)

E-Commerce Web Development Businesses (1)

Woww is a Cape Town based digital agency that offers expert WordPress services to help you build an online presence. Get an amazing website with Woww.
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Karin Clark
My name is Karin Clark. I’m the founder and owner of Karma Clothing. We design and manufacture ladies and gents corporate wear, uniforms, and clothing. We are based in South Africa, our manufacturing plant is based in Johannesburg, but we have various small satellite offices in the country and one in Africa. I have a fairly large company. We have just over 100 staff and we supply to all of South African exports to about eight countries in Africa. [Watch Trailer]( **What was the main business challenge you tried to resolve?** It was basically my e-commerce platform updating and giving our website a new more on-trend look and personality. It wasn't really just an update. We wanted a whole new look to it. **Did you manage to solve your challenge and how?** Well together with Woww we managed to solve, improve and increase it in terms of our SEO, our Google analytics and our online e-commerce. It obviously improved from what it was previously. **Why did you decide to do business with Woww?** When I first met with them back when we were meeting physically and personally, I enjoyed their outlook in terms of what was the opportunities and the capabilities that were open to us. They were very forward thinking in that manner. It's a very young and dynamic company.