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Xpeer AI is for decision-makers and service providers alike, allowing you to expand your network among businesses who already solved similar challenges. Xpeer AI is aggregating and analyzing multiple data points, the main source being success stories and experiences, shared by your peers.

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Why Businesses choose Xpeer?

Find Leading Business

Xpeer gives you access to top performing companies and a competitive leverage for your next project

Utilize Crowd Intelligence

Discover industry trends and insights based on empirical data from companies around the globe

Leverage Experience Map

See how businesses compare in different markets and industries based on their client experiences


Engaging a leading service provider is challenging for 3 reasons

Service providers position themself as credible and competent experts - avoid trial and error
Screening and requesting information and fee quotes is time-consuming
Large budgets are at risk and mistakes are costly

Xpeer Updates & News

Xpeer: Bridging the Future of Networking at GITEX Global
In the ever-evolving landscape of B2B networking and service procurement, Xpeer is poised to make a groundbreaking impact at GITEX by seamlessly integrating the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the invaluable insights of insider know-how. This innovative fusion is set to redefine how businesses connect, collaborate, and make informed dec...
Lead Generation
9 months ago
Xpeer’s "Insider's Choice Award" 2023
A New Era in Recognizing Innovation and Excellence In the rapidly evolving field of web and mobile development, recognizing and celebrating outstanding contributions has never been more essential. The inaugural "Insider's Choice Award" by Xpeer in 2023 marks a departure from conventional industry awards, focusing on insider perspectives and p...
Xpeer at London Tech Week: Pioneering the Future of Technology
In an exciting week full of innovation, creativity, and technological prowess, Xpeer, the «Glassdoor» für B2B , made a presence at the London Tech Week, held from June 12 to June 16, 2023. London Tech Week annually gathers tech enthusiasts, startups, and industry giants under one umbrella, fostering dialogue about the future of technology...
The Unveiled Perspective: Why Insider and Ex-Employee Reviews Matter for B2B Service Providers
In the digital age, customer reviews have become a cornerstone of business credibility and growth. They influence buying decisions, shape brand reputation, and provide invaluable feedback for improvement. However, when we speak of reviews, we often limit our discussion to the viewpoint of external customers, while an equally important perspective ...
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