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Xpeer AI is for decision-makers and service providers alike, allowing you to expand your network among businesses who already solved similar challenges. Xpeer AI is aggregating and analyzing multiple data points, the main source being success stories and experiences, shared by your peers.

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Xpeer gives you access to top performing companies and a competitive leverage for your next project

Utilize Crowd Intelligence

Discover industry trends and insights based on empirical data from companies around the globe

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See how businesses compare in different markets and industries based on their client experiences


Engaging a leading service provider is challenging for 3 reasons

Service providers position themself as credible and competent experts - avoid trial and error
Screening and requesting information and fee quotes is time-consuming
Large budgets are at risk and mistakes are costly

Xpeer Updates & News

What is the Cost of Ruby on Rails Development In 2022
All businesses need effective website development and software that can help them grow. The purpose of website development software can either be to launch the site or do maintenance. However, any user can face software issues that can disrupt the entire development process. Ruby is an advanced programming language used for web applications and web...
Key .NET Developer Skills To Look For In 2022
No introduction is needed for .NET as it has already got eminent popularity in the field of business globally. It is an open-source, multi-lingual software development platform where developers devise, generate and deploy the software by Microsoft. It can easily be executed in operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and many ...
.NET Development
17 hours ago
What is MVP & What will MVP Development Companies do for you?
MVP (Minimum Viable Product) serves the purpose to help new online businesses. Investment in an online business is beneficial accompanied by the risk of losing the money invested. MVP protects you from all these risks and helps you with a safe method.  It is a test to check out whether starting business calculations are true or not in a real m...
MVP Development
17 hours ago
Why Hiring a Mobile App Development Service Matters for Businesses
Business progress is the main purpose of every business company. For this progress, a huge number of customers are required that remain attached to the business services. But it seems difficult to collect and maintain customer traffic with satisfaction. A mobile app development service solves this problem and helps in the progress of your business....
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