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Why your experience matters?

To help you buy quality services, Xpeer consolidates all reviews into a scientific experience-based score for every expert, company and project. The Xpeer Score is a multi-dimensional measure of a service quality, which combines subjective perceptions and objective parameters such as age of reviews, team composition and retention rate, as well as status of contributor.

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We understand you:

Do you need to resolve a business issue or make an important business decision? Do you want to find experienced professional service providers with the right expertise to help you?

Traditionally, you would:
… search web or call around your personal network for some supplier contacts,
… identify qualified employees in each organization (good luck!),
… prepare and send out RFPs (request for proposal),
… schedule calls or meetings with each one of them,
… vet capabilities of each service team,
… explain your needs to each supplier one-by-one,
… address same repetitive questions over and over,
… chase, remind, push and pull to collect fee quotes,
… filter out pretenders and misfits,
… short-list the better ones and fine-tune their offers again to engage the one-and-only.

This old-school process is essentially trial and error. It steals your time, absorbs resources, and creates a lot of stress, but still guarantees no results no matter how efficient you are.

Xpeer industry experts help you succeed

Xpeer cuts out process inefficiencies, as our procurement specialists and software tools expedite better fee quotes for you.

Tell us your business needs
Xpeer industry experts contact you within 5 business hours
Xpeer distributes your RFP (request for proposal) within its supplier Network
You receive more relevant and better proposals
No stress and no wasted time or resources

You can enjoy this Xpeer service completely free of charge.

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Discuss your needs with all suppliers at once

Interviewing suppliers and explaining your needs is time consuming and repetitive. Xpeer sets up a digital RFP process with centralized online exchange of RFP data and offers. Moreover, Xpeer brings all the bidding suppliers together to an online meeting where you can answer their questions at once. Well-informed suppliers produce faster and better proposals with more competitive fees.

Xpeer gives you a free to use global digital RFP platform
We set up an online meeting with potential suppliers
You explain your demands and address suppliers’ questions all in one go, facilitated by Xpeer industry experts
You receive more relevant and targeted fee quotes


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