How the Responsiveness of a Website Impacts Company Sales

The introduction of smartphones has changed the way people use the internet. With 4.32 billion unique mobile internet users, 90% use mobile phones to access the internet and web-based applications.

Businesses and service providers have turned to the internet to market or sell products and services, create brand awareness, and provide customer service. However, if a website cannot adjust to different screen sizes, customers may get frustrated and exit the website within seconds. Statistics show that 94% of customers leave negative feedback for poorly-designed websites. This is why the leading web development companies and top e-commerce website development companies listed on Xpeer prefer developing a responsive website.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is designed to load quickly, irrespective of the user’s device. Responsive websites optimize user experience with flexible webpage designs that are easily adjustable to any screen without affecting the original alignment of all elements of the webpage.

How do Responsive Websites Impact Sales

Generating leads and converting them into sales heavily depends on your website’s user experience. Here’s how responsive websites can help business increase their sales:

Supports Effective Marketing

A responsive website can enhance the effectiveness of any digital marketing campaign. When a website is mobile or tablet-friendly, customers don’t need to wait to open it in their computer’s internet browser, and an ad can straightaway lead to your website in the mobile’s internet browser.

Increases Customer Reach and Conversion rates

Imagine your customer views your ad on a social media platform and taps on it to open the website, but all they see is an out-of-order combination of texts and images. In such a situation, the customer will instantly exit the website and may never open it again due to a poor user experience.

A responsive website does the opposite. It allows a smooth transition from one app to another perfectly aligned webpage. This increases customer reach and conversion rates, as a better reach means better sales.

Increases Your Prominence in Search Engines

Creating a responsive website eliminates the need to develop more than one website for separate devices and using SEO best practices for both of them. If a website is responsive, you can use a consolidated SEO approach and a single set of hypertext links. This helps in consuming lesser time on SEO techniques and focusing more on core business functions and marketing strategies.

Creates Happy Customers

The most ease you create for your customer, the more sales you can generate. A happy customer is a loyal customer, and they are more likely to purchase from your website again if they’ve had a good user experience.

Xpeer Helps Businesses Develop Responsive Websites

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