PHP VS WordPress Development, Why Hiring a WordPress Developer is Better

Entrepreneurs these days strive to take their businesses to the online platform. However, they remain in a dilemma whether they should go for a PHP or WordPress to generate websites. WordPress is one of the most extensively used content management system (CMS) platforms, operating over a quarter of all sites on the Internet. It’s easy to use and can be adjusted to fulfill an assortment of content management needs. Using WordPress for website development is a keen choice for people who want simplicity with several options for growth.

While, PHP is a programming language designed to help create efficient websites, web tools, and applications. PHP powers WordPress, therefore it’s more than appropriate for developing websites. As for a ‘framework’, it serves as a flexible template with operational functions.

Difference Between PHP and WordPress

While both, PHP Framework and WordPress CMS are great in their regard, it's essential to determine what is better for a website. Here are some significant differences between the two:

Budget Friendly

A company’s budget is a critical prospect to consider while selecting any of the two protocols. People often presume WordPress is cheaper, but end up paying for plug-ins and themes. While PHP can offer premium tools at a moderately lesser cost.

Website Type

The type of website required also influences the platform used. WordPress is an ideal option for novices starting their blog or online website. However, PHP is a more appropriate option for complex websites with several interactivity tools.

SEO Friendly

WordPress makes SEO a lot easier for the users, ultimately allowing them to get the results they desire. PHP users can also conveniently develop SEO-friendly websites with proper plug-ins.


As compared to PHP, WordPress security is generally better as it offers a full variety of plug-ins that can make a website better and more secure.

Why Should You Hire a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress Developer is an expert who advises and suggests the finest path to implement desired functionalities to a website. Hiring a professional developer can certainly cost a little, but the difference you will consider afterward will be worth it. You can hire a WordPress developer for many causes, some of them are as follow:

Customize a Site

A WordPress developer can bring ideas to life with some codes and a lot of experience. Developers are problem-solvers. They’ll help implement the exact vision that companies have for a website.

Improve the Functionality of a Site

If you hire a professional and experienced developer, you can trust that their code is solid, lean, and made for speed. They can help improve the way a website functions and appears to a user.

Secure the Site

No one wants their website to get hacked, but it is quite common. One way to protect a website from cyber-attacks is to work with a professional WordPress developer. They can ensure that the code doesn’t contain any holes that make a site susceptible to attack. 

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