The 3 Engines of the Digital Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth marketing is an effective strategy for promoting products or services. This is also known as referral marketing, as it's largely based on recommendations and feedback. As consumers share their experiences, they become advocates and ambassadors, just more unbiased ones, since they can post the goodie good and the baddie bad about the brand.

Making a World of a Difference

About 97 percent of online shoppers almost always read reviews before checking out, out of which 92 percent are hesitant to buy a product or service if there are no reviews for it. The word-of-mouth marketing tactic not only dominates the B2C marketplace but also enjoys a key position in the B2B marketplace; 91 percent of B2B buyers peak into their peer's recommendations before signing up for services or making a purchase.

The three main types of word of mouth marketing techniques you can leverage in your branding strategies include:


Experiential is the first of a kind for word of mouth marketing. When the product or service is better or worse than what the buyer expects it to be, they feel obliged to leave good or bad comments to share their experience with their peers. This strategy is triggered by the disparities between expectations and reality.


Then there's the consequential word of mouth. With this marketing strategy, the organization exposes its consumers directly to conventional marketing campaigns. How the advertisement is interpreted is said to be more powerful than the brand's original message, as it's now soaked in the emotions that were evoked in the customer at the time of viewing.


Last but not least, there's the intentional word of mouth where brands hire renowned figures in society, such as celebrities and influences, to create interest or endorse a product or service. Because a majority tends to idealize public figures, choosing someone whose actions and reputation don't adversely influence the brand is important.

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