What does a Drupal Developer Do?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management (CMS) framework transcribed in PHP. It is one of the most popular platforms used worldwide to develop websites. Though Drupal is considered an effective content management system, it should not be compared to other CMS platforms like WordPress. 

The multitude of tools and subjects to learn can be overwhelming for users to operate. Therefore, hiring an expert Drupal Development Company with years of experience is a practical choice. Drupal offers great possibilities both for businesses and developers. 

Why Prefer Drupal over other CMS Platforms?

Here are some benefits businesses can enjoy will using Drupal web development to design new or modify existing websites:

  • Drupal is a very authoritative CMS platform that allows for many different customization attributes and content arrangement 
  • Drupal offers advanced levels of performance and custom development options
  • Drupal allows for several distinct software integrations
  • Drupal is ideal for large organizations with a compound structure and high level of content
  • Drupal offers an advanced level of user permissions for a large team working on the website
  • Drupal also offers the ability to improve the functionality of a website. Through Drupal modules, new integrations can be completed to escalate the functionality of a website to expand and streamline several essential processes for a business.

What does a Drupal Developer do?

Drupal developers are PHP developers who are experienced in writing custom modules, automated tests, schedule deployments, and many more. These developers are highly familiar with server-side scripting as a standard. 

With sufficient knowledge of PHP, Drupal developers can either do a fresh Drupal install or use one of the several Drupal Distributions accessible to them and shape it according to a business’s brand.

A competent Drupal developer fully comprehends the proper way to write code in PHP, which is the preferred server language for Drupal’s CMS system. Here is how a professional Drupal developer assists a business:

Drupal Site Builder

Programming is what most Drupal developers are often working with. They receive a task with certain requirements and execute suitable coding. For Drupal, writing a common code is not mandatory in this open source CMS with a large community. A great, inventive, and feature-rich website can be assembled by using only existing core modules and existing contribs.

Drupal Themer / Frontend Developer

Drupal Themers are dedicated front-end developers. They are experts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and quite competently handle the Drupal theme layer. They can take a design and turn it into an excellently working theme. Preferably, they will be well versed in employing responsive design.

Drupal Module Developer / Backend Developer

A Drupal Module developer is someone who competently writes PHP and other server-side languages. They write custom modules, and automated tests, utilize web services, automate deployment, etc. They are also considered "backend Drupal developers". They may get involved in some of the more progressive sides of the theme layer as well. 

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