Xpeer Introduces Decision Intent Score™ to Offer Unique and "Insider" Insights on Company's Performance

The Decision Intent Score™ will show potential buyers what employees think about their business's service quality and ability to deliver, offering a new detailed performance insight

Xpeer, a Swiss-based business marketplace, launched its premier AI-enhanced matching solution to users in finding service providers, hiring experts, and purchasing high value-added services. Xpeer offers an innovative way to decide whether a supplier’s abilities match the needs of a prospecting buyer and offer great value for money. Xpeer is leveraging on crowd intelligence to help businesses source, vet, match, and engage the world’s leading businesses for technical and related services.

To improve the capability of the Xpeer system, Sergey Bezborodov, Co-Founder and CEO of Xpeer, has announced the introduction of a new feature – Decision Intent Score™. Unlike Net Promoter Score used by marketers to evaluate customers’ loyalty and satisfaction, Xpeer Decision Intent Score™ takes an inside-out angle to assess supplier’s potential by looking at its inhouse confidence in supplier’s own capabilities and by asking whether an employee would buy from a supplier if he/she were its client.

With the Decision Intent Score™, potential clients will avail a revolutionary new data – the likelihood of the business’s employees buying the products or services the company is offering. Through this new unique feature, the purchasing decision can factor in the “insider” perception about the company’s performance, that is internal knowledge of hidden gems or unspoken weaknesses.

Powered by state-of-the-art technologies, Xpeer marketplace enriches its clients, who seek quality services and solutions that work, with crowd wisdom and processes that reduce blind spots when purchasing high value-added services and ultimately minimize the risk of expensive trial and error buying decisions. Xpeer AI and expert support helps buyers in a breath find and engage with ideal service providers and vendors based on experience, skills, expertise, resources, location, and availability. The team behind Xpeer rolls out business-friendly functions in distinct stages. The more internal and external data Xpeer collects, the better the AI pairs business demands with service suppliers who deliver. Decision-makers using the platform are also aided and supported from industry experts. When deciding on companies to outsource services, large budgets are at risk and gaining access to multiple dimensions and insights is giving an unparalleled advantage.

Businesses can harness the power of Xpeer to optimize their business operations, save cost, and manage time. Please visit https://xpeer.com.

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About Xpeer

Xpeer is reckoned as a digitalized word of mouth service. Based in Switzerland, the company is helping businesses find service providers and other businesses that meet their needs. Through Xpeer’s AI-backed Intelligent B2B marketplace, business owners, CEOs, and managers can source, vet, match, and engage the world’s leading businesses for technical and related services.

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